I have created 3 Tax Rules as like below

Store -> Tax Rules enter image description here enter image description here

then created Tax Zones and Rates as like below.

Store -> Tax Zones and Rates

enter image description here enter image description here

Now i have created 3 product tax classes.

  1. BOOK
  2. EXAM
  3. EBOOK

Now i am adding 3 product to the cart.

  1. product with tax class (EXAM) => Price = 1000

2.product with tax class (BOOK) => Price = 1500

3.product with tax class (EBOOK) => Price = 2000

How the tax calculation getting applied in this scenario?

Because i have 3 products in cart with each of them are different tax class and different tax rates with country.

Need clarification in these two scenarios

1.Will it apply to the whole cart total? if so which rates gets applied? since we have all 3 in shopping cart.

  1. The tax calculation will be a product level?

Right now for me tax applied for the cart total, not for individual product level.

If i set custom price for product while adding to cart, then the tax amount is showing different. I am not cleared how this is working exactly.

Can anyone brief about the tax calculation and is there any option to apply tax pro-grammatically to the product when adding to cart, as like we set custom price for the product.

Thanks in advance

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