I need to find the template or layout file that contains this ul tag:

<ul class="header links">
    <li class="greet welcome" data-bind="scope: 'customer'">
        <!-- ko if: customer().fullname  -->
        <span data-bind="text: new String('Benvenuto, %1!').replace('%1', customer().firstname)">
        <!-- /ko -->
        <!-- ko ifnot: customer().fullname  -->
        <span data-bind="html:'Testo di benvenuto predefinito!'"></span>
        <!-- /ko -->
<li class="authorization-link" data-label="o">
    <a href="https://mysiteurl/index.php/customer/account/login/">
        Login    </a>

<li><a href="https://mysiteurl/index.php/customer/account/create/" >Create an account</a></li></ul>

I need only the <ul> tag. Where and how to find it?

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You can check it from customer default layout file.



You can't find <ul class="header links"> tag in whole magento directory you can find <li class="greet welcome"> in below path :


Actually <ul> tags comes from the vendor/magento/module-theme/view/frontend/layout/default.xml below is code.

<block class="Magento\Customer\Block\Account\Navigation" name="top.links">
              <argument name="css_class" xsi:type="string">header links</argument>

Using above XML magento create HTML tag in container. below is the list of the allowed tag.

protected $allowedTags = [

You will see it in class Magento\Framework\View\Layout\Container.

And here, Magento render a container to HTML. You can rewrite it <ul> tag (I have no idea how to rewrite or change tag) Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php

protected function _renderContainer($name)
    $html = '';
    $children = $this->getChildNames($name);
    foreach ($children as $child) {
        $html .= $this->renderElement($child);
    if ($html == '' || !$this->structure->getAttribute($name, Element::CONTAINER_OPT_HTML_TAG)) {
        return $html;
    $htmlId = $this->structure->getAttribute($name, Element::CONTAINER_OPT_HTML_ID);
    if ($htmlId) {
        $htmlId = ' id="' . $htmlId . '"';
    $htmlClass = $this->structure->getAttribute($name, Element::CONTAINER_OPT_HTML_CLASS);
    if ($htmlClass) {
        $htmlClass = ' class="' . $htmlClass . '"';
    $htmlTag = $this->structure->getAttribute($name, Element::CONTAINER_OPT_HTML_TAG);
    $html = sprintf('<%1$s%2$s%3$s>%4$s</%1$s>', $htmlTag, $htmlId, $htmlClass, $html);
    return $html;

I hope it helps to solve out your issue!


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