I am newcomer in Magento development, after 2 weeks I still feeling lost in the Magento 2 world.

I have added following Block to the app/design/frontend/Mojambe/LuarBiasa/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml:

    <referenceContainer name="columns.top">
        <block class="Mojambe\Blog\Block\Html\MainImage" name="page.main.title" template="Mojambe_Blog::html/mainimage.phtml"/>

enter image description here

My proble is the block keep showing on all the pages when I only want it to show on the Home page only.

How to make a particular block only show on the particular page/url in magento 2.3 ?

I have tried this as well but still no luck:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Any help would be very appreciated.

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Finally I got the Answer, to add a Block to particular page (in my case home page) just add following line in the page content:

<p>{{block class="Mojambe\Blog\Block\Html\MainImage" template="Mojambe_Blog::html/mainimage.phtml"}}</p>

Please don't confuse with widget, block use class instead off type in the property.

enter image description here

First line is Block and second line is Widget.

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