So far I have created custom attribute my_custom_attribute and I want to pass this attribute inside Magento/CatalogInventory/Model/StockStateProvider.php and call it like $stockItem->getIsInStock() but I want to get it like $stockItem-getMyAttribute(). Can someone explain me how to do it? Can't really understand how to set this data to get my attribute there

Thank you a lot!

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To get your custom attribute value in Magento/CatalogInventory/Model/StockStateProvider.php model file you just need to do following steps.

  1. Override Model file in custom module Mee/CustomModule/Model/StockStateProvider.php as mentioned in below link https://magenticians.com/override-model-magento-2/
  2. Include your function in the above overdid model file as

    protected function getMyAttribute() { $product = $this->productFactory->create(); return $product->getMyAttribute(); }

  3. Run magento upgrade and deployment commands from your root directory.

now you can call $stockItem-getMyAttribute() in your file

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