There are two stores, one for the customer and other(general) for private (B2B).

All these scenarios are for the private store only. At front-view create customer account OR customer registration page.
There are various fields like firstname, lastname, email, VAT number, recaptcha etc.


Step 1: We submit the customer registration form after filling all the fields.

Step 2: Every time we get the validation Error like " "TAX CODE" IS A MANDATORY VALUE. ".

See error in (italian language): https://nimb.ws/2uJSd5

Step 3: If the text field filled then also its showing same error as step 2.

Try & catch:

I have tried with dashboard settings. @ Sytem-> CUSTOMERS -> Customer Configuration
we set the VAT number to show on frontend. see Here: https://nimb.ws/ZJBsrC

My assumption:

(1) It might be for tax/vat number validation. but don't know how to identify this.

(2) Is this problem with B2B professional ectension. which always shows to required "TAX CODE" as i see in error.

Please help me to find out this solution.

Thank you in advance.

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