I've got a store with 2 stores, one with 2 languages and the other just 1.


  • Website > Store1 > English (www.site.com/en)
  • Website > Store1 > French (www.site.com/fr)
  • Website > Store2 > English (www.site2.com/eng)

The problem is that I've setup an in-house dev environment, and on this environment, I am able to go to www.site.com and www.site.com/en and it loads the same content, yet I can remove "use default" and actually show different content between the two store views.

Now I know the best way, would be to get rid of the English specific store_view and have that rely on the default (which is actually in the plan, but not scheduled for awhile). But for now, I'd like to simply force all www.site.com -> www.site.com/en/ when /fr/ has not been explicitly chosen.

Does anybody know of an easy way to apply this in Apache2?


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