I have created a replica of production environment,but on dev environment checkout process is stuck and loader(shipping,payment and review) never disapears but everything works fine on production environment.I tried almost every solution but nothing worked.I cleared cache and reindex,but issue still persists. Production URL: https://thesparescompany.com Dev URL:

The code based and DB is same,so ideally there is no code level issue and no console error also.Any guide to resolve the issue would be really helpful.


Something conflict with your superfish js.

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).superfish is not a function
    at HTMLDocument. (superfish.js:123)
    at fire (jquery-1.9.1.js:1037)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.9.1.js:1148)
    at Function.ready (jquery-1.9.1.js:433)
    at HTMLDocument.completed (jquery-1.9.1.js:103)

Here is possible solution:

  1. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28818988/typeerror-jquery-superfish-is-not-a-function-ul-sf-menu

enter image description here

  • the same error is on production also but there its working as expected so i ignored this error message.. – Sudhanshu Singh May 3 at 16:26
  • Fix this first, will fix other maybe – Sohel Rana May 3 at 16:27
  • when the error is same on both env,but at one place its working and on other its not,then this error is not the root cause..still i will fix it – Sudhanshu Singh May 3 at 16:31
  • Did you check php error_log? – Sohel Rana May 3 at 16:37
  • yes,i did check the error and access logs but there is no error. – Sudhanshu Singh May 3 at 16:42

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