When i click on 2nd level menu in mobile it collapse all active menu. I tested this on default theme also. it also happening there. I think its default issue.

How can i prevent it to stop collapse all menu and only collapse current menu?


I had managed this issue by custom jquery and css to solve. This might help someone.

Javascript Code Below:

require(['jquery', 'jquery/ui'], function($){
// ... Irrelevant code omitted ...
$(document).ready(function() {
// ... Irrelevant code omitted ...
$('li.level0 li.parent > a').prepend('<span class="rm-expand close"></span>');

jQuery('.navigation .columns-group li.level1.parent > a').click(function(e) {
    return false;

$('.rm-expand').click(function() {


   if ($(this).hasClass('open')) {
   } else {
   return false;
// ... Irrelevant code omitted ...

CSS Code Below

li.level0 ul {
li.level0 ul a {
.rm-expand {
     float:right;display:block;font-family: 'icons-blank-theme';font-size:42px;position:absolute;right: 7px;top: -6px;

Reference: Magento 2 - 3rd level menu items collapsed on mobile devices

Note: It may require some css changes as per your theme.

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