Cannot see symlinked storage folder

Cannot see the symlinked storage folder.

Able to create a new folder and upload images.


Missing folders : In the folder media, take a look if media/catalog, media/wysiwyg and media/images are there (or even any other folder you’ve set up to upload your files to). If yes, if the server has the permissions to write on them.

Var/cache : Get yourself sure you run one $ rm -rf var/cache/* and got rid of everything inside this folder.

Cache Management : Clean the blocks in System > Cache Management.


Got it Fixed

var root = new Tree.AsyncTreeNode({ text: 'getRootNodeName() ?>', draggable:false, id:'root', children:getTreeJson() ?> });

got it fixed by adding "children:getTreeJson() ?>" to the tree.phtml file .

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