I am using TinyMCE4 in my Magento admin panel. I want to allow <style></style> for my CMS pages and blocks while editing. I am able to add <style> in my CMS pages and Blocks but once the block or page is saved, the <style> tag gets hidden.

I have checked with database that it stores my tag with other data and my frontend also reflects the stylesheet. When I try to edit a page or static block again, the style tag is not visible to admin.

I have used

inline_styles : 1, // or true
keep_styles : 1, // or true

in my tinymcs4Adapter.js file but still the tags are not showing in editor area.

NOTE: If I use tinyMCE3 as my editor, <style> tags are displayed correctly but I don't want to use it as its deprecated.

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TinyMCE disabled the ability to add them outside of the tags, so <style> tags are not valid XHTML, For this you will have to add style tags to the valid children configuration:

valid_children : "+body[style]"

So for magento you need to replace the code in lib/web/tiny_mce_4/tinymce.min.js:

to :


with :


now run the commands

php bin/magento s:s:d -f

php bin/magento c:f

check in the below URL: https://www.tiny.cloud/docs-3x//reference/configuration/Configuration3x@valid_children/

NOTE : It will render the css in admin, so admin layout will affect as per css


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