I have created a grid using UI component. in this grid, I display only grid I don't need to display button <buttons></buttons>. gird is working perfectly when I scroll down in grid page sticky CSS is not working and grid layout is brek.

When I add a button using <buttons></buttons> and scroll down element sticky grid is working fine but if I remove button <buttons></buttons> (I remove button because I don't want) and scroll down sticky grid is not working.

What actual result :

enter image description here

What Expected result :

enter image description here

It is default Magento bug I Report an issue on GitHub

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    Have you check consol or log file? – Dhiren Vasoya May 3 at 4:59
  • I have checked everything, you can try with any admin grid using Ui component just remove Button displaying above grid and check sticky CSS is not working. – Chirag Patel May 3 at 5:01

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