I just following this tutorial https://jamersan.com/lets-get-started-theming-magento-2-part-1/ , in this tutorial I learn about how to make Magento Theme, but unfortunately I unable to show Theme Preview Image.

enter image description here

When my previous Themes is having it:

enter image description here

theme.xml (myshop/app/design/frontend/MyCompany/default/theme.xml)

enter image description here

The Image enter image description here

Database Table

Missing preview_image field value

I am curious why the preview image does not show on my theme info page ?

Any help about it extremely appreciated


Theme Preview image loads from app/design/vendor/theme_directory/theme.xml file


If this media tag and path to the image is not specified theme preview image will not be loaded. You can follow this link to learn about Magento 2 Themes and Theme creation https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.3/frontend-dev-guide/themes/theme-overview.html

  • I already have that file and configured well, but unfortunately the preview is not there yet – Yusuf Ibrahim Apr 30 at 9:23
  • Can you please share your code – Raj Mohan R Apr 30 at 9:24
  • I have updated the question above – Yusuf Ibrahim Apr 30 at 9:26
  • So where you have placed your preview image – Raj Mohan R Apr 30 at 9:29
  • it's here myshop/app/design/frontend/MyCompany/default/media/preview.png – Yusuf Ibrahim Apr 30 at 9:30

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