enter image description hereHow to put reorder link in magento 2 programmatically? I have find record and last column show reorder link how to in magento 2?


enter image description hereHi,

You can do it by

<?php if ($this->helper('Magento\Sales\Helper\Reorder')->canReorder($_order->getEntityId())) : ?>
                                <a href="#" data-post='<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo
                                ?>' class="action order">
                                    <span><?= /* @escapeNotVerified */ __('Reorder') ?></span>
                            <?php endif ?>

Please check vendor/magento/module-sales/view/frontend/templates/order/recent.phtml for more information.


  • @ Moin malek it is not working – sanni kalariya Apr 29 at 11:10
  • Are you assign the order id? – Moin Malek Apr 29 at 11:58
  • where i have to pass order id ?? – sanni kalariya Apr 29 at 12:19
  • $_order->getEntityId() this one pass your order id – Moin Malek Apr 29 at 12:54
  • can you please send code of Magento\Sales\Helper\Reorder and \Magento\Framework\Data\Helper\PostHelper ? – sanni kalariya Apr 29 at 13:25

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