Using magento from:

-> Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Locale

Options, i can select the language from my country(Angola-Portuguese).

But using Magento command line for exemple: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy pt_AO -f

i get this error:

pt_AO argument has invalid value, please run info:language:list for list of available locales

And running this command : php bin/magento info:language:list i can't find the language of my country (Portuguese - Angola).

What i'm doing wrong with mi website ?

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You get that error because pt_AO is not included in the Magento list of allowed locales.

The best solution would be to use other allowed Portuguese locale.
You can check from here

Redeploy it, then using collect phrases command to collect and extract translatable words and phrases.
From there you can do the translation you want.
Check this: Translation file magento 2 i18n

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