I got error (not available in allowed currencies)

Sorry, the default display currency you selected is not available in allowed currencies. enter image description here

  • You can see the selected values in database -> 'core_config_data'. It would be saved on the following path: for allowed currencies: currency/options/allow for base currency: currency/options/base for default currency: currency/options/default – Savan Patel Apr 27 at 5:51
  • Hello @KGR, did my solution worked Or you need further help ? – Pawan Apr 27 at 11:30
  • @Pawan it not working – KGR Apr 27 at 11:48
  • did you select "US Dollar" in the multiselect. ? – Pawan Apr 28 at 7:03

It is happening because you are selecting "US Dollar" as default display currency, but you have not select "US Dollar" in allowed currency.

You need to Add US Dollar to allowed currency


enter image description here

You just need to Select your store from top:

Then set your allowed currency for your current store and save.

  • i already select Default config – KGR Apr 27 at 6:23

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