I am trying to install sample data in PWA studio.

But getting error

Failed to execute git clone --mirror '[email protected]:PMET-public/module-catalog-sample-data-venia.git'

I have manually downloaded

  • module-catalog-sample-data-venia
  • module-configurable-sample-data-venia
  • module-customer-sample-data-venia
  • module-sales-sample-data-venia
  • module-tax-sample-data-venia
  • sample-data-media-venia

But where to where to add it?

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I was getting the same error so i have downloaded all modules manually and then i put all downloaded modules in app/code/Magento directory except sample-data-media-venia. for sample-data-media-venia Copy catalog folder from it and paste it into pub/media/


then run php bin/magento setup:upgrade


In my case, it helped to run

composer update

then the shell asked me to go to github to generate an oAuth token. I generated it, pasted it to the shell and it finished successfully.

Afterwards I ran

bash deployVeniaSampleData.sh

again and it finished successfully.

Please be mindful that composer update will update all your dependencies to newest versions, therefore it should only be used in a development environment as using it in production can break your site.


in the root folder of Magento rename auth.json.sample to auth.json

    "http-basic": {
        "repo.magento.com": {
            "username": "--------------",
            "password": "--------------"
    "github-oauth": {
        "github.com": "-------------"

for username and password

go to https://marketplace.magento.com/customer/account/ create access key by clicking on market place tab->create a new access key, copy and paste the public and private key

in Github auth go to https://github.com/settings/tokens (click on profile pic -> setting -> Developer settings -> personal acces token -> generate new token) and generate new token and paste it

now you can run bash deployVeniaSampleData.sh and install

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