I was going through the API docs and couldn't find a step-by-step procedure for our use-case. I need to integrate Magento on our SaaS app dashboard for our customers who use magento. So basically, I need to OAuth them so that they can grant us access to their magento data and then we can show that data (in the form of graphs, charts, etc) on their dashboard on our platform. What's the most hassle free way to achieve this? I am looking for the following scenario:

1. User clicks a button on our platform and it takes them to a Magento auth page.
2. User logs in and grants us access to magento data.
3. We get the token and store it for that user. 
4. We call Magento REST API whenever we want using that token and get the latest data unless the user revokes access.

From my brief reading of the Magento API docs, I guessed that the magento users need to do an extra step before they the button (step 1) on our platform - they need to register us on their Magento dashboard. How can we avoid this and the follow the 4-step flow I wrote above?

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