I have a product that have a variant of quantity i tried the bundle product but the problem is that when the csutomer choose an option from dropdown he have one cild with the variation of qty and for the grouped product i can only buy all the prodcut with all the chidlren and with different qty entered by customer but in my case i want to have the possibility to compose my qtity according to the qty of child for example as a customer : if i want 400 as qtity and i have 4 child: one 100 qty, two 200 qty, three 140 qty, four 90 qty so he can check one two and three total =440 qty or he can buy one two four total=390 i want to have the ability to check the combinaison that i want without changing the qty of child because it's fixed not variable so how to represent my product and waht is the perfect type to create and thanks in advance

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