I am using magento 2.3.1 I need to send a pdf with new order mail, I have already done that for magento 2.2.6 but that is not working with 2.3. Can any one help me with this?


You can install my free open source extensions Fooman PrintOrderPdf and Fooman EmailAttachments to achieve this. Both are available via packagist so you can run

composer require fooman/emailattachments-m2
composer require fooman/printorderpdf-m2
bin/magento module:enable Fooman_EmailAttachments Fooman_PrintOrderPdf
bin/magento setup:upgrade

They both work with 2.3.1

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SEND EMAIL WITH ATTACHMENT IN MAGENTO 2.3 https://extait.com/blog/how-to-send-email-with-attachment-in-magento-2-3/

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