I am working on the MFTF concept in Magento 2.3 community version.
I am trying to run commands like vendor/bin/mftf --version and vendor/bin/mftf build:project, but getting error every time as:

-" -bash: vendor/bin/mftf: Permission denied "

In vendor/bin I am trying to run command mftf --version . but it is also showing no command 'mtft' found.

Please provide a solution. What I am doing wrong?

  • Have you checked the read write permissions? have you tried to sudo up – Dava Gordon Apr 25 '19 at 7:55
  • Yes, I have checked the read write permissions. They are fine , 775 to vendor, bin and mftf . – chanchal Apr 25 '19 at 8:35

chmod +x vendor/bin/mftf assign the permission for this folder by using this command

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