I would like to add a word break at the checkout page via custom CSS but I'm not getting an expected result.

1. I have a heading like below:

enter image description here

2. I would like to change it as below:

enter image description here

3. But getting the below result:

enter image description here


<span class="step-title" data-bind="i18n: 'Contact Person/Delivery Recipient'">Kontaktperson/Leveransmottagare</span>


.xxxxx {
        word-wrap: break-word;

Could anyone please help me to get the desired result?

  • did you try my answer below? – fmsthird Apr 25 at 10:36
  • @magefms Yes, I have tried but that's not working. – Siva Apr 25 at 11:01
  • why it is .xxxxx? is that the actual code? – fmsthird Apr 25 at 11:01
  • @magefms No, it's not an actual code. The actual code is <div class="contact-delivery-title"> <span class="step-title" data-bind="i18n: 'Contact Person / Delivery Recipient'">Kontaktperson / Leveransmottagare</span> </div> So I have put the class name .contact-delivery-title .step-title which is in .xxxxx – Siva Apr 25 at 12:02
  • no not like that, you can do it like span.step-title – fmsthird Apr 25 at 12:06

Use BR Tag

<span class="step-title" data-bind="i18n: 'Contact Person/Delivery Recipient'">Kontaktperson/<br>Leveransmottagare</span>

not need to add css for word break for span element

  • I don't want to edit the html file. I just want to have this result via CSS. Since I need this output only in the mobile device. – Siva Apr 25 at 12:26
  • so need add space Kontaktperson/ Leveransmottagare like this otherwise not possible what you need – Savan Patel Apr 25 at 12:38
  • this is like a full paragraph Kontaktperson/Leveransmottagare so not possible what you need – Savan Patel Apr 25 at 12:46
  • Thanks for your information! – Siva Apr 25 at 12:50
  • It's my pleasure – Savan Patel Apr 25 at 13:01

Please try with this

value normal / initial - Break words only at allowed break points

break-word - Allows unbreakable words to be broken

.xxxxx {
    word-wrap: normal;
  • I have tried it but not working – Siva Apr 25 at 9:38
  • Please have you checked your CSS code updated in browser? – Shailesh Katarmal Apr 25 at 11:29
  • 1
    Yes, I have checked and see the CSS code updated in browser but I didn't get the desired result. – Siva Apr 25 at 12:00

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