When compiling Magento 2, I'm getting the error:

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 294125568) (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /vendor/zendframework/zend-code/src/Scanner/FileScanner.php on line 36

I've read a ton of answers to this question, and everyone suggests using -dmemory_limit to increase memory while compiling. I've tried 756M, 4G, 5G, 8G, 16G, etc and it still doesn't work.

Any ideas?

  • check to the php info for your memory_limit value – Abhishek Tripathi Apr 25 '19 at 3:53

Try increasing the memory_limit in php.ini

In Your /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini or find your loaded ini file by creating info.php file and look for Loaded Configuration File.

Find memory_limit in php.ini file and increase memory limit to

memory_limit = 2G

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