I am constantly getting this error/Notice on my system logs:

Notice: iconv(): Wrong charset, conversion from `MacRoman' to `UTF-16BE' is not allowed  in /data/vhosts/edgars/web/lib/Zend/Pdf/FileParser.php on line 451

which is pointing to this function

    public function readStringMacRoman($byteCount, $characterSet = '')
        if ($byteCount == 0) {
            return '';
        $bytes = $this->_dataSource->readBytes($byteCount);
        if ($characterSet == 'MacRoman') {
            return $bytes;
        return iconv('MacRoman', $characterSet, $bytes);

what could be causing this error I can see it has to do with converting to pdf and that is when encoding happen, and it also have something to do with the languages that verien library does not support, so when you printing and sale > order > invoice in the backend using Thai language or Chinese

And how to get rid of the error ?

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