I'm having some problems with my Magento2 setup.

I've installed a several extensions/modules that are having trouble actually installing and becoming part of our system.

I normally install with composer, do a setup:upgrade and static:code:deploy using cli.

While the module shows enabled in app/etc/config.php and in magento module:status, when I go to the Web Setup Wizard it's not enabled.

Furthermore, when I click on "Enable" in the Web Setup Wizard, the module name is replaced with "Null" and the readiness check fails almost completely.

Enabling Module Error

Any thoughts? What am I doing wrong here?

Steps to recreate.

  1. Open Magento2.3
  2. Select the "Web Setup Wizard" by going to System > Web Setup Wizard
  3. Select the Module Manager
  4. Find some Module that isn't enabled
  5. Click Enable
  6. Start Readiness Check

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Pls check if the cron is installed and working properly

This line may give you a clue


  • Thanks. I'll give this a shot and respond back with the result
    – caspertm
    Apr 29, 2019 at 18:55

This means your crons aren't setup. I set tasks for cron:run, setup:cron:run and for magentoroot/upgrade/cron.php. Once I created a schedule for those three, I had no more issues with the Web Setup Wizard.

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