I've created 2 static blocks for 2 different languages. Both of them have the same identifier:

  • identifier: privacy-policy (name: Privacy Policy EN)
  • identifier: privacy-policy (name: Privacy Policy DE)

Now I want to change their content programatically for each one. One in english and one in german language.

I know that I can use this piece of code to change the content for a static block without multilingual:

$identifier = 'privacy-policy';
$block = Mage::getModel('cms/block');

if ( ! $block->load($identifier)->getIdentifier()) {
    $content = 'My content here';
    $block->setTitle('Privacy Policy');

But when I load the block by identifier every time it will return the same block, the first block that is founded in cms_block table.

Is there a way to change the content by each block with the same identifier? And I don't want to load it by name, because that is just wrong. Thank you!

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