I have removed some malware from a website but my googleads is not approved. I asked them they said there is an issue with javascript tag.

I want to know is that correct or not.

Our default script tag like this,

<script type="text/javascript">

In my site, it's like this,

<script type="97cff6b6a96fb71b51b40788-text/javascript"> 

That random value is appending in the front and it's dynamically changing whenever site refreshed. Can you please tell what is the difference between these two script tag values? Is this causing of a googleads block?


Magento never adds this type of string in java script tag. There might be some malicious code. You need to debug and check, from where it's being happened.

Have you implemented SUPEE-11086 patch? if not then don't wait and just implement it.


  • Yes, I have added all the patches upto date – Jeeva Chezhiyan Apr 23 '19 at 11:49

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