I was using UPS in my Magento 2 store, from today I found that the shipping methods are not fetched and they are displayed with the message

Unfortunately we cannot provide a shipping quote at this time

I tried to enable debug log for UPS and no log was found. The same issue does occur in the dev site too from today. Please find the configurations

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So I tried UPS in another live store where UPS type was UPS XML, it was displaying shipping rates fine. I switched type to UPS and the shipping rates weren't fetched. I checked it in fresh Magento too. Does anyone have an idea about this? Else anyone facing the same problem? Whether might it be an issue with UPS API service?

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Update Gateway Url of UPS from http to https From “http://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/qcostcgi.cgi” to “https://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/qcostcgi.cgi”.

Refer this link What is the current UPS shipping gateway? (outage 2019-01-06)

  • Thank you. That is working fine. But I am don't know how the gateway was working fine for almost 2 months after the change Commented Apr 23, 2019 at 8:56
  • Actually, i ran into the problem in January and again early last week. I had changed my config but it turned out that the old value got pulled in from the cache somehow. So, I assume UPS reverted their https requirement at some point, then re-applied it last week, else my site would have been broken again before last week.
    – M Conrad
    Commented Apr 23, 2019 at 22:26

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