I have created a sample project of Magento 2.3.1 on my local system and then setup PWA studio in it.

Now, I have not found any docs/instructions to deploy it on live server for non technical user.

Currently, I am using a command yarn run watch:venia for running it on dev environment.

Please let me know is there is any steps to build and make magento2 - pwa on live to server.



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After setup your backend URL in PWA, In pwa-studio folder run:

npm run build && NODE_ENV=production PORT=8000 npm run stage:venia

It will start the server on port 8000.

you can use process manager 2 (http://pm2.keymetrics.io/) for managing node services.


cd packages/venia-concept/ && NODE_ENV=production PORT=8000 node server.js


create proxy to pass connection from 8000 to 80 and 443


If you want to run a PWA Studio app on the same server as Magento you need to install magento upward connector.

Of course it does not need to be hosted on the same server as Magento.


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