I'm working on the compatibility of our client site. Upon checking, I have noted that in the checkout, on the field Postnummer it is automatically adding the character * in the field without doing anything. Below is the screenshot for your reference.

enter image description here

I have inspected the input box and below is the screenshot:

enter image description here

The above-said issue appears only in mobile devices.


I have checked the admin panel and see that we have put * to Default Post Code in Stores->Configuration->Sales->Tax->Default Tax Destination Calculation

enter image description here

I think this is the reason why the * is displaying in the Postcode input field at the front-end. Now my question is, can I remove this * from the admin panel. Will it cause any issues because of removing *?

Could anyone please help me to resolve this issue?

  • Is anybody got this problem? – Siva Apr 22 at 10:28
  • You are right with your idea that this system setting causes your "issue" just remove it it will not have any sideeffects – Philipp Sander Apr 23 at 7:34
  • @PhilippSander Thanks. Let me try it. Do you have any idea why this issue occurs only in mobile devices? – Siva Apr 23 at 8:25
  • this depends on your theme – Philipp Sander Apr 23 at 9:17

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