I've installed 3rd party extension for AMP and it was working fine before installing varnish. After varnish, I am getting normal page and it starts fetching amp pages after opening 2-3 pages.

Has anyone any idea why this is happening?

  • I think your problem is happening because of varnish store cache for some amp pages as a normal page, it happened because the first visiting your page was no amp page. But this is just a guess. Can you explain in details your problem, better give me a URL to your site where I can reproduce the problem. – Petro Chaikivskyi Apr 20 at 18:14
  • After opening 2-3 pages, it will have ?amp=1 at the end of URL and it means it's an AMP @PetroChaikivskyi – Bhakti Thakkar Apr 22 at 5:00
  • As I can see, you have amp home page, category page, and cms pages. On every page, I saw no less than tree validation errors. I can't explain your problem as can't see implementation your amp extension and varnish configuration, sorry – Petro Chaikivskyi Apr 22 at 19:15

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