I am sending data to the database by checking duplicate data. But I can't be inserting/updating data in the database.

protected function saveEntityFinish(array $entityData, $table) {
        $collection= $this->PostTableFactory->create();
        $item = $collection->getCollection();

        if ($entityData) {
            $tableName = $this->_connection->getTableName($table);
            $entityIn = [];
            $entityInup = [];
            foreach ($entityData as $id => $entityRows) {
                    foreach ($entityRows as $row) {

                        if(count($item->getData()) == 0){
                            $temp= $item->getData();
                            $entityIn[] = $row;
                            $entityInup = $row;

                            $collection = $this->PostTableFactory->create();

                            $entityIn[] = $entityInup;



        return $this;

can I get help on it? Thank you in advance


I have updated my value using CollectionFactory. You can give it a try

 $query = $this->_YourCollection->create()
                ->addFieldToFilter('field_id', $value)
            if ($query->getData()){
                if ($yourCondition){
                    $query->setData('field','valuefor update');
  • Thank you @Ghulam.M for responce, this filter method showing invalid – Praveen Negimani Apr 20 '19 at 5:48

To update a row we have to add that column id attached with updated data in that row will update the row

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