I have set $40 as flat shipping and I want that if anyone purchase above or equal $50 then the flat shipping become 0. So I am setting this rule for the purpose:

If ALL  of these conditions are TRUE :
Subtotal  equals or greater than  50  

and for action:

enter image description here

But there is a strange issue:

Case 1: If I buy 1 product of $25 then there is shipping of $40 (Correct)

Case 2: If I buy 3 * 25 then subtotal is $75 and shipping is 0 (Correct)

Case 3: If I buy 1 product of $80 then the subtotal is displaying as $40 and free shipping too(Incorrect)

So I want to correct the result of Case 3 that price should be remain $80 but the shipping should be free only. Please help to get this. Thank you

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    Why you set the discount amount 40? – Keyur Shah Apr 18 '19 at 11:17
  • As my flatrate shipping is $40 and I want it to set 0 if purchase >= 50 so I set discount to $40. – Stack user Apr 18 '19 at 11:24
  • Please help me to resolve this as All I want to do is set free shipping if subtotal >=50 – Stack user Apr 18 '19 at 11:26
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    If you want only free shipping then please remove $40 and check – Keyur Shah Apr 18 '19 at 11:31
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    @kayurshah Thank you I set discount to 0 and its working fine for all three conditions. – Stack user Apr 18 '19 at 11:43

As per the comment you need to remove the 40 from the Discount Amount section to make it working.

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  • Please can you briefly explain the"Apply to shipping amount" and "Free Shipping" columns. I cant understand their values. – Stack user Apr 18 '19 at 12:41

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