I have car parts products in my M2 store and I need to give my clients availability to filter parts by model of car and year. Each product can be attached to different models/years, in example:

Cabin air filter:

Honda Civic - 2016
Honda Civic - 2017
Honda Civic - 2018
Honda Accord - 2013
Honda Accord - 2014
Honda Accord - 2015
Honda Accord - 2016

If I would have only models, I could add just simple product attribute. But how should I handle this situation, when I have "parent" attribute (model) and "child" attribute (year)?

  • you can handle this with configurable products or bundle products.
    – ASQ
    Apr 18, 2019 at 9:12

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Magento 2 doesn't support parent-child product attribute.

Design table as following:

Make: ID, Name, Created_At (Honda, Audi, BMW, Ford.. )
Model: ID, Make_ID, Name, Created_At (Civic, Accord, A3, A4 ...)
Year: Make_ID, Model_ID, From, To, Created_At (2015, 2016, 2019...)

And use this table to link product with vehicle (Make, Model, Year)

Product_Vehicle: ID, Make_ID, Model_ID, Year_ID, Product_ID

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