The problem is this: I have a module, which passes arguments from di.xml to a class. Deploy mode is a developer.

When I make changes in any arbitrary module or install a new module, and subsequently run bin/magento setup:upgrade. Then when I open the front page, which uses this module, I get the error for this module:

(BadMethodCallException): Missing required argument

I was lead to believe that developer mode setup:di:compile is not necessary, but I'd like to have this confirmed. It seems to me a little strange, cause unless I run setup:di:compile this error keeps propping up.

  • " lead to believe that in developermode setup:di:compile is not necessary" this is true. you might have to delete the "generated" folder tho. – Philipp Sander Apr 17 at 14:17
  • why do you think "bin/magento setup:upgrade" will solve your problem? – Philipp Sander Apr 17 at 14:17
  • Can you please share the code of di.xml and respencted class here. – Dhiren Vasoya Apr 17 at 14:24

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