Our products are created and updated via the web API. When we update a product for all /rest/all/V1/products/123 and set status: 2 the product is disabled. But per store view it's still enabled because the checkbox "Use Default Value" is not checked.

I tried to send use_default_status: 1 per store view (rest/german/V1/products/123)like this:

  "product": {
  "sku": "123",
  "name": "My Product",
  "use_default_status": 1

But then I get the following error:

Property "UseDefaultStatus" does not have accessor method "getUseDefaultStatus" in class "Magento\Catalog\Api\Data\ProductInterface"

Is it somehow possible to set the use_default_status checkbox via web API? The best would be if I could set it without having to push the product for the store view.

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