Scenario: In a static block, I need to generate the url for a specific page but not in the current store view, but to a specific store view / website.

Is there a combination of parameters that can be passed to the {{store}} directive to make this happen?
Something like {{store _direct="page-here" store_code=some-code}} or instead of store code, store_id or anything else.


Apparently it does not work with _direct attribute and a different store view, but it works like this:

{{store url="page-url-here" _scope_to_url=1 _scope=store-code-or-id-here _nosid=1}}

_nosid=1 is optional. If you remove it the url will look like http://example/com/page-url-here/?SID=ajshajkshdaj

Leaving it in place removes the SID parameter

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