My Website is not show product slider missing due to MIME enable please help me how to fix this issue please check attachment screenshot images www.hafeezpk.com



thats because you are trying to load a php file as css. try adding header('Content-Type: text/css'); to the top of that file that you are trying to load so it can be treated as css.

  • pauldrodriguez@ after adding this in header ('Content-Type: text/css'); still not show slider images same issue MIME enable error please check new screenshot attachment links below after adding . ibb.co/Qf3j7bf ibb.co/LZyxXNm – Moinuddin Apr 18 at 18:45
  • sorry, forgot to mention that this is php code, so it needs to be inside php tags, like this: <?php header('Content-Type': text/css'); ?> – pauldrodriguez Apr 18 at 19:09
  • pauldrodriguez@ i am adding this code <?php header('Content-Type': text/css'); ?> in head.phtml file please check this link below please check and reply me because still show same error if wrong please reply me which file apply this code OR where is file location reply public_html/app/design/frontend/default/modern/template/page/html/head.phtml ibb.co/ch0kFcz ibb.co/jzZCz7C ibb.co/6RScYqp – Moinuddin Apr 20 at 6:05
  • why are you putting it in the head.phtml file? the code should go in the file that contains the css style rules so that when it gets fetched it can be interpreted as a stylesheet. looking at the error, this is the file you should place it: hafeezpk.com/skin//frontend/default/jm_sporty/wavethemes/… can find this file and make sure the code above is at the top of that file. make sure there is no whitespace before the start of <?php. – pauldrodriguez Apr 20 at 6:38
  • pauldrodriguez@ i am apply your given code for this place (hafeezpk.com/skin//frontend/default/jm_sporty/wavethemes/jmbasetheme/profiles/default/default.css.php) but still same error show please please check below links and reply me . ibb.co/dQMX4Sq ibb.co/3zgzGkt – Moinuddin Apr 21 at 8:17

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