For example I have a CMS block with a text I want to translate but I have a link inside this text that uses the {{store url=""}} directive.

In my cms block:

{{trans "Foo <a href="{{store url=""}}">bar</a>"}}

In my translation:

"Foo <a href=""{{store url=""""}}"">bar</a>","My <a href=""{{store url=""""}}"">translation</a>"

It results in: Foo <a href="{{store url="">bar"}}

Is it just not possible or do I have any other mistake?

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    I think the directives are done via preg_match, so I think it is not possible. – Alex Apr 15 '19 at 12:10
  • That's true didn't think about it. I think it's handled here: \Magento\Framework\Filter\Template – Daniel Apr 15 '19 at 12:19

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