I have configured a back-end screen where I will enter a string as

{{price}} for guest user. click here {{sign_up}}.

So after I fetch the field value I want to dynamically replace the {{price}} variable to some custom price and {{sign_up}} to a cms page link.

Can anybody help me on how to do this? thanks


I have found a code to parse the variables using core php code.

public function findReplace($string, $find, $replace)
    if (preg_match("/[a-zA-Z\_]+/", $find)) {
        return (string) preg_replace("/\{\{(\s+)?($find)(\s+)?\}\}/", $replace, $string);
    } else {
        throw new \Exception("Find statement must match regex pattern: /[a-zA-Z]+/");

this code can parse it and replace the values to what we want.

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