I have a store with more than 10.000 simple products. Every product has custom options for Size and Color.

By default Magento allows setting up a different price for a combination using Configurable Products (Small + Red = $10, all the others $20). From the very beginning we decided not using configurable products because the number of Simple Products was around 400.000. Also using custom options was faster in getting a product ready for frontend.

From time to time we have special prices (e.g. Medium and eXtra Large in Blue and Red for $50). Is there a modification or extension for Simple Products with custom options to set up a special price for a combination like Small + Red and Medium + Green only? The idea is having a price for the main simple product but for a combination of options to get a different price.

By default in Magento 1 if you set a price for Small all combinations with Small are related to that option price.

P.S. I already checked Mageworx but it is not a solution.

Thank you.

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