I am willing to import URL rewrites provided by my client in Magento Cloud EE edition (2.2.5).

I followed all steps mentioned here:


Step 1:

composer require magento/module-url-rewrite-import-export

Step2: add in (.magento.env.yaml)

  cron_run: true
  max_messages: 1000
    - urlRewriteImport

Step3: Pushed


After that when I checked in admin I am getting an option to "Import URL Rewrites" and after importing CSV in correct format a schedule is also been created successfully, getting this message :

"Task "Import URL Rewrites with behavior add_update": 1 item(s) have been scheduled for update."

But what next the CRON didn't ran and URLS are not imported.

What I think ?

  1. Is their some issue that I am in different time zone and time zone in Magento is different, In Magento it is "EST (America/Newyork)" but I am in "IST".

On viewing details start time that is shown is: Start Time 4/11/2019 4:38 am

But that is gone according to my current time.

  1. Is it so that in order to make this work I will be in need to raise a ticket to Magento Support as I can't enable CRON on cloud ?

Or there is any other issue ???

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