I want to add additional option to the subcategory attribute but I cannot locate where to update its content within the Magento Admin Panel.

enter image description here See this link for full image - https://drive.google.com/open?id=16sFqr_i_9jRyAs4yDTwAVPeDIkfAz0Il

Currently, I have no access to the backend/module files, so I am not sure if its hardcoded or can be edited within the admin panel.

Please help. I am very new to Magento.

Thank you

  • Have you got the answer of your query? – Muhammad Hasham Apr 15 at 5:28

In order to update the already created custom attribute. you need to update your module script name which will create your custom category attribute


you also need to change the version in your module config.xml. let say new version s 0.0.2


Update script by adding options in category attribute and clear the cache. script will trigger and new option will be added in category attribute.

I hope this will help

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