Previous question title: same 'Migration Meta Information' is displaying for all product edit page in magento 2.3

Edited question title: 'Migration Meta Information' is not updating when I edit product title/name in magento 2.3

I have some products which are already added in my store. I have edited some of them, & I found that the 'Migration Meta Information' is the same for all these products.

When I add new product it seems fine. MEta title, Meta keywords, Meta Description are generated correctly for that product.

But when I edit any random product, 'Migration Meta Information' for the field MEta title, Meta keywords, Meta Description. If I added new product and then edit, it works fine

Is this an issue in 2.3 version of Magento or am I missing anything?

Please check the attached image Here my product name is "WIDE DOMED 2-TONE CUFF BRACELET" but meta information is different.

enter image description here

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