I am trying to integrate 3rd party product API with magento2. I have some attributes(Like color, size, season) for which API product some master entries. I want to add those entries in magento2 EAV database. For ex. If we consider season attribute(dropdown in the backend, I want to use in layered navigation) have some option values in the following format

"Reference": [
            "ReferenceTypeId": "1022",
            "Id": "37983",
            "Code": "CrOvrSe",
            "Name": "Carry Over Season"
            "ReferenceTypeId": "1022",
            "Id": "32202",
            "Code": "Cruise'12",
            "Name": "Cruise'12"

Now I want to store ReferenceTypeId in eav_attribute table, and Id in eav_attribute_option table and Name in eav_attribute_option_value table. Now I want to import product with season attribute. So my product API response is like enter image description here So now I can map that ReferenceTypeId in the eav_attribute table, and Id in the eav_attribute_option table.

If anyone worked on Apparel21-Magento integration, Please help me.

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