I read this answer here.

Extension example : click here

It's perfect extension as I want. But, I need in M2.

But, I want to do translate like :

  • If "Test" string comes from Abc_Test Module. Then, translate only working in Abc_Test module text.
  • If "Test" string also available in Magento_Catalog Module. Then, translate text apply which assign in Magento_Catalog Module.
  • If "Test" string also available in Magento_Catalog Module and set Area Frontend. Then, translate text apply only in frontend side which assign in Magento_Catalog Module.

How it works ?

Any help would be appriciated.

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The most efficient solution for your requirement is by Generating a translation dictionary and from the generated translation dictionary you can create your own language packages.

The advantage of using a generated translation dictionary is that you will have a dictionary file with a collected list of all existing phrases and words according to the module(not sure about the area scope but it lists all the translatable words and phrases).


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