I am creating a sample payment method to experiment with the new Payment Gateway structure magento provides but I have issues trying to render it in checkout. I can see that in Magento's checkout config it appears correctly as an option with the data I want to provide so my data provider seems to be working and I can see that my js file which extends the default component is loaded in the page and if I write console.log(renderList) in my component the array contains the info for my payment method.

However in the methods that get rendered I can not see anything appearing

I can't understand where I went wrong following this guide to render the payment method in checkout or what I am missing. If it was the normal way I'd assume there needs to be an isAvailable function to make it work but how could I do this here?


Since the code is a lot to paste here I'm adding it in a repo in github


The lack of documentation on this is killing me so any help is appreciated.

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