I need to build a project using Magento but I don't know if it can be built with such complexity.

This is the project's configuration:

  • Only one Admin, which can do:
    • Manage all the inventory and can edit/exclude them all and its atributtes
    • Handle all orders, shipping, clients data
    • Manage all stores and users inside the software
    • Receive a comission-based value in every order received by the users
  • Multiple Users, which can do:
    • Build his own store with custom sub-domain (eg. .store.com)
    • Change only the prices in all products in the inventory (with the minimum price set up by the admin).
    • Can see all orders from his store (can't edit or cancel)
    • Can make small changes in configuration (eg. main theme colors, logo, banner)
    • Receive his profit in his own account

Is there a extension/module that does it? Or multiple extensions that can help with all these needs? It is possible to build it using Magento?

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Yes, this is possible. Seeing your requirements you no need to go with any special requirements since these are already present in Magento User Roles. You can have a single admin user who can manage all users and you can create users for each stores with restricted access. There are also a numerous user role extensions which does have additional functionalities extending the features of Magento User Roles.


Based on Your Requirement Magento Also Provide This Functionality

You Need to Just create Admin User And Create User Role

Creating New User :-

Admin Panel > Syastem > All User

Creating User Role :-

Admin panel > User Roles

In the upper-right corner, click Add New Role button

In the Role Information field, enter a descriptive Role Name.

In the panel on the left, choose Role Resources.

Set to Custom, then mark the checkbox of each website and view to which the role is to have permission to access.

Set to All if you want to mark all the checkbox

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