I have created a new admin user and set a new user role which have access to only customer section. When we logged in with that particular user , we are able to see the customer list but when clicked on edit customer it gives below error

This page isn’t working, currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

I referred Magento 2.2.3- ACL Permissions not Working for Customer module and tried adding the fix in UiComponentFactory.php but it doesnt work and there is no error log or system log. Any solution?

Edit: On adding logger i am getting the following error:

[2019-04-08 16:21:43] main.INFO: Invalid block type: Magento\Customer\Block\Adminhtml\Edit\Tab\View [] []

[2019-04-08 16:21:52] main.CRITICAL: Class XXXX\YYYY\Block\Adminhtml\Customer\Edit\Tab\View does not exist [] []
  • app/bootstrap.php uncomment ini_set('display_errors', 1); – Rk Rathod Apr 8 at 15:26
  • app/bootstrap.php? can you please specify the full path? and what is the need to uncomment that line? – Magento User Apr 8 at 15:27
  • /var/www/html/project_name/app/bootstrap.php line no 12 to dispaly error – Rk Rathod Apr 8 at 15:28
  • Ok. Thank you. Let me try it. – Magento User Apr 8 at 15:33
  • Class XXXX\YYYY\Block\Adminhtml\Customer\Edit\Tab\View class is define but not exit in your code – Rk Rathod Apr 8 at 19:51

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