I'm writing the media query for our client site. I have started from iPhone 8 and used the below media query:

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 375px) and (max-device-width: 667px) and (orientation: portrait) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2) {


after completing the media query for iPhone 8; I have checked the front end and see that it looks good. However, the design seems collapsed after I wrote the media query for iPhone 8 plus. I have used the below media query for iPhone 8 plus:

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 414px) and (max-device-width: 736px) and (orientation: portrait) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 3){


Could anyone please help me to avoid this conflict?

Looking forward to your reply.

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