I have been debugging my Magento 2 build and I have found that when cache is enabled I see intermittent JS loading errors. If I disable the FPC cache the errors stop and the page works correctly (consistently).

No code changes are implemented, just a simple page reload.

Good page load:

enter image description here

Bad page load:

enter image description here

The errors happen approx every 3-4 page loads. Then goes away again for the next couple of page loads but then reappears.

If I disable FPC cache I do not see any errors ever (tested with approx 50 page reloads).

I have of course cleared cache, deleted pub/static/* deployed static content etc

Anyone have any ideas?



The cause of this was a 3rd party JS widget that was injecting jQuery 3.3.1. Which is incompatible with core Magento jQuery. Removing the widget resolved the issue.

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